Champagne, France


Where to stay, shop, eat and relax

Editor's pick: best hotels, local restaurants, shopping attractions and activities to attend in Champagne.


Les Avisés

This elegant 19th-century house in Avize is a new venture for Anselme Selosse. It’s a stylish, modern hotel with 10 rooms, plus a restaurant run by Stéphane Rossillon.

Royale Champagne

On the hillside above Epernay, its rooms and restaurant enjoy superb views over the Champillon vineyards.

Villa Eugène

A decent walk from Epernay town centre, this former home of the founder of Mercier Champagne has comfortable, high-ceilinged, period rooms.


Brasserie du Boulingrin

Opposite the newly renovated market in Reims, this is a local institution, with its buzzing atmosphere and art deco interior.

Le Café du Palais

Opposite the Reims law courts, this is a lively, ’30s-built bistro stuffed with pictures and antique curios. Great for relaxed lunchtime dining.

Grillade Gourmande

Friendly, bustling restaurant in Epernay, popular at lunchtime. Chef-patron Christophe Bernard has worked with famous chefs Paul Bocuse and Alain Ducasse.

Les Berceaux

Michelin-starred restaurant, bistro and hotel in Epernay with some of the best food in Champagne, both in the main restaurant and Bistrot Le 7. The 29 bedrooms have all been upgraded and refurbished.

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Le Four à Bois

Reims baker with a big range of traditional breads and patisserie.

L’Epicérie au Bon Manger

Tiny Reims delicatessen with two tables selling organic Champagnes and wine, plus carefully sourced meats, fish, cheeses and other fine foods.

Maison Fossier

Fossier is the place to buy the famous biscuits rosés de Reims – crisp, pink sponge finger biscuits. An acquired taste but great for dipping in tea.


A wine shop and bar in Avize where you can buy 300 different Champagnes mostly from small houses, co-ops and grower-producers, and enjoy a glass over a selection of local cheeses and cold meats.

La Fine Bulle

Across the road from C-Comme there is a similar set-up, with a Champagne bar and tasting rooms but more of the major houses represented. You can even buy sabres.

520 Champagne et Vins d’Auteurs

This new shop in Avize run by Pierre-Yves Cainjo has a hard-to-beat collection of many of the leading grower-producers in Champagne in its range of 400 cuvées from 115 houses and growers.


Jour de Vendange

Some growers organise special grape-picking trips during the harvest, typically in early September. Lists of growers offering such days are available from the Marne Tourist Board Tel: +33 (0)3 26 68 37 52

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