Who gained stars in the Michelin Guide Shanghai 2020?


Ultraviolet remains the sole three stars restaurant while T’ang Court was downgraded to one...

Chefs take the stage at the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Shanghai 2020. Credit: guide.michelin.com
Chefs take the stage at the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Shanghai 2020. Credit: guide.michelin.com

Michelin launched its fourth edition of the Shanghai Guide, with Ultraviolet as the only restaurant granted three stars, while T’ang Court and Yi Long Court are downgraded from two stars to one.

For the third year in a role, the restaurant Ultravoilet by French chef Paul Pairet has retained its three-star status by the Michelin Guide Shanghai.

‘Paul Pairet’s cuisine has been awarded three stars for three years now, and this is a testament to the open-mindedness of the Michelin Guide,’ said Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the guides.

T’ang Court only gains one star in the 2020 edition, after being downgraded to two stars in the 2019 Guide. The Cantonese restaurant was given three stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide Shanghai 2017.

One of the other two-star Cantonese restaurants in last year’s Guide, Yi Long Court, also lost one star.

Meanwhile, Ji Pin Court and Taian Table, both one star last year, were upgraded to join the eight-strong two star Michelin league in Shanghai.

A total of 31 restaurants are given one star in the 2020 Guide, including several new members to the starred club such as Maison Lameloise and Bao Li Xuan, and returning member such as Jin Xuan.

‘With 31 types of cuisine rewarded in the pages of the Michelin Guide Shanghai 2020, this selection also highlights the great diversity offered to gourmets, with tables that perfectly represent local cuisine and others that offer flavors from around the world,’ said Poullennec.

After launching its second Guangzhou guide in July, Michelin announced earlier this month that it plans to launch the first Beijing edition of the guide on 28th November this year.

See full list of Michelin starred restaurants in Shanghai:

Three stars ***

Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

Two stars ***

8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana


Canton 8 (Runan Street)


Imperial Treasure

御宝轩 [Cantonese]

Ji Pin Court <<one star last year

吉品轩 [Cantonese]

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

乔尔‧卢布松美食坊 [French]

Taian Table <<one star last year

泰安门 [Innovative]

Xin Rong Ji (Nanyang Road)


YongFoo Elite

雍福会 [Shanghainese]

One star*

Amazing Chinese Cuisine (Changning)

菁禧荟 [Chiu Chow]

Bao Li Xuan <<New!


Cheng Long Hang (Huangpu) <<New!


Da Dong (Jing’an)

大董海参店 (静安)[Chinese]

Da Dong (Xuhui)

大董 (徐汇)[Chinese]

Da Vittorio<<New!


Fu He Hui

福和慧 [Vegetarian]

Il Ristorante-Niko Romito


Jade Mansion

苏浙总会 [Huai Yang]

Jean Georges


Jin Xuan << Returning


Lao Zheng Xing (Huangpu)

老正兴 (黄浦)[Shanghainese]

Le Comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire


Le Patio & La Famille (Huangpu)

南麓‧浙里 (黄浦)[Hang Zhou]

Lei Garden (Xuhui)

利苑 (徐汇)[Cantonese]

Maison Lameloise <<New!

[French contemporary]

Ming Court <<New!


Moose (Changning)

鹿园(长宁)[Huai Yang]

Moose (Pudong) <<New!

鹿园(浦东) [Huai Yang]


斐霓丝 [French]

Seventh Son (Jing’an)

家全七福 (静安)[Cantonese]

Shang-High Cuisine

迷上海 [Shanghainese]

Sir Elly’s

艾利爵士 [French contemporary]

T’ang Court <<downgraded

唐阁 [Cantonese]

Wujie (Huangpu)

大蔬无界 (黄浦)[Vegetarian]

Xin Rong Ji (West Nanjing Road) <<New!

新荣记 (南京西路)[Chinese]

Yi Long Court <<downgraded

逸龙阁 [Cantonese]

Yong Fu

甬府 [Ningbo]

Yong Yi Ting

雍颐庭 [Shanghainese]

Yu Zhi Lan<<New!


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