The DecanterChina interview: Pudao Wines

Eighteen months after being purchased by Australia’s Woolworths, Pudao Wines spoke exclusively to about its next steps forward.

The DecanterChina interview: Jebsen Fine Wines

Jebsen Fine Wines spoke to for our exclusive interview series on life inside China’s wine trade. Topics include Hong Kong versus free trade zones in China, Bordeaux en primeur and China’s changing market.

Amazon China: Who is drinking imported fine wines in China– exclusive interview

Amazon China speaks exclusively to Decanter China about the scale of their wine business and who are their key consumers.

Christie’s China: Decoding wine auctions in Greater China

In Greater China, what are the most popular wines at auctions right now? How do auction houses know wines are genuine? Are wine auctions only for the rich? Find the answers from’s exclusive interview with Austin Zhang of Christie’s China. preventing fake wines online, one of China’s biggest online retailers, spoke to about how they choose producers for their fast-growing wine sector and the efforts made in preventing fake wines. Mapping the landscape of online wine sales in China (Part I)

Read our exclusive interview with ZHAO Dabin, head of the wine department of Chinese online retail giant, to learn about the scale and current state of its rapidly growing wine business.

Exclusive Interview: ASC Fine Wine’s new CEO Bruno Baudry

Bruno Baudry, the new CEO of ASC Fine Wines succeeding John Watkins, spoke to about his vision for appealing to a new generation of Chinese wine consumers, including opportunities for online sales.

Interview: YesMyWine founder aiming for 'record-breaking year'

[Monthly Interview] Online retailer YesMyWine has bucked the trend for weaker wine sales in China in the last few years. spoke to YesMyWine CEO Dixon Yuan about the company’s work to educate new consumers and his expectations for the Chi

Lenovo owner sees strong potential in ‘chaotic’ Chinese wine market

[Monthly Interview] From producing Lenovo computers to selling fine wine: Sun Jun, general manager of the new wine business of Joyvio Group, a subsidiary of Lenovo IT giant Legend Holdings, talks to about the company’s expansion.

Cofco says distribution muscle will beat rivals as wine goes mainstream

[Monthly Interview] LI Shiyi, General Manager of COFCO's new imported wines & spirits division speaks to about COFCO's move towards the imported wine market

Exclusive interview: The man who ‘discovered’ Carmenère

Where is the world’s largest wine grapes collection? How was Chilean Carmenere discovered? Why is Marselan considered a possible candidate as China’s signature grape? Find all the answers in Professor Jean-Michel Boursiquot’s exclusive interview with

Making wines in China's extreme northeast

What is it like to be making wines in the extremely remote Northeast China? What is a ‘good vintage’ there? speaks exclusively to John Salvi MW to find out his experience as the winemaker of Changyu’s Xinjiang estate.

Changyu chief winemaker: embrace the ‘new norm’ of Chinese market (Part II)

[Monthly Interview] Changyu, China’s biggest wine producing company, is set to nurture a new generation of wine consumers through wine tourism and characterful branded wines, said chief winemaker Dr LI Jiming.

Changyu chief winemaker: embrace the ‘new norm’ of Chinese market (Part I)

[Monthly Interview] China’s wine market is still seeing rapid development and domestic producers must embrace the challenge, according to the chief winemaker at Changyu, the company that introduced large-scale wine production in the country, in an exclusi

A private lesson with Chinese educators – Stephen Li

Learn from Stephen about what is it like to be an educator in China, and the culture shock he experienced in wine tasting.

A private lesson with Chinese educators – Dorian Tang

Learn from Dorian about what is it like to be an educator in China, and how to select the best wine for a festive occasion.

A private lesson with educators in China – Julien Boulard

'Wine is meant to be fun,' Julien Boulard told his Chinese students. The fluent Mandarin-speaking wine educator shares his experience teaching in Nanning, China.

A private lesson with Chinese educators – Terry Xu

Learn from Terry about what is it like to be an educator in China, and how to choose a good wine book.

A private lesson with educators in China – Fongyee Walker

"Wine is not a luxury product", said Fongyee to Chinese wine lovers. Learn about what is it like to be teaching wine in China from the veteran educator.

A private lesson with Chinese educators – Young Shi

Read Young's profile as a wine educator in both London and Shanghai, and her tips on how to efficiently aerate a wine.

Exclusive: Protecting the Champagne name in China

Chinese law now includes trademark protection for Champagne, but enforcing the rule is as much about the classroom as the courtroom, says WANG Wei, representative of the Comité Champagne's China office, in an exclusive interview with

Yantai: reforming in a time of challenge

[Monthly Interview] Yi Fenghuang, Director of Yantai Grape and Wine Bureau, spoke to about the historic wine region’s unique features, the challenges faced, and plans for the future.

Ningxia wine region: We’ve got your back, says the government

[Monthly Interview] The Ningxia government official tasked with unleashing the region’s potential spoke to about Ningxia’s ambitious plan and its place in a booming wine industry in an exclusive interview.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: Tansy Zhao

Hear Tansy's view on the most popular regions and producers in the market, and how should wine lovers approach food and drinks pairing.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: GUO Ying

Read about how GUO Ying get into the business, and what is it like to work as a sommelier in China.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: Wallace Lo

Read about Wallace's typical day and his favourite food and wine pairing.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: LU Yang

Read about how LU Yang got into the business, and his insight about the future of sommelier as a profession in China.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: LI Meiyu

Read LI Meiyu's professional profile, and her view on the role of a sommelier in modern day China.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: Jerry LIAO

Jerry Liao talked about who was the most interesting customer he has ever met, and the changes he has witnessed in the Chinese market.

The world of Chinese sommeliers: Weiley LU

Weiley Lu, owner of Wine Room in Beijing, gave his tips to Chinese wine lovers about how to approach food and wine pairing.

Exclusive - Hit Chinese reality show music director: My life as a wine enthusiast

This month Decanter speaks exclusively to award-winning music producer Kubert Leung. Read all about Kubert Leung’s life as a wine lover.

Chinese movie star Zhao Wei’s Bordeaux wine passion

Read the exclusive interview with Chinese movie star Zhao Wei and Jean de Cournaud, chief winemaker of Chateau Monlot. ‘I have really loved wine for ten years ever since I went to France and visited a chateau and fell in love with the idea...’