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LI Demei / 李德美

LI Demei, associate professor of Wine Tasting and Enology in Beijing Agriculture College and invited teacher at ESA Angers, France. He obtained Master diploma for Fruit Tree Science, and Engineer for Viti-Oeno-Economie in ENITA de Bordeaux. Demei had his training in Chateaux Palmer, and visited almost all the wine regions in the world. He is aiming to create a dialogue with the consumer with wine.

Demei's View - Wine Communication from a Chinese Winemaker

Read the Chinese wine authority's fortnightly column on the latest trends of Chinese market.

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Fongyee Walker MW / 葡萄酒大师赵凤仪

As one of the most renowned specialist wine educators in China, Fongyee Walker is the co-founder of Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting, a fully independent wine consulting and education service. She is currently working on her MW research project on viticulture in China.

Fongyee Walker's wine study guide

Top wine lecturer in China to share with wine students a series of useful tips in wine studies and exams.

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LU Yang MS / 侍酒大师吕杨

LU Yang MS is Corporate Wine Director for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. Lu is the champion of Best Sommelier Greater China (2014). He is the first Advanced Sommelier from Greater China, and holds WSET Level 4 Diploma.

In 2017, he became China's first Master Sommelier.

The accidental words of a Chinese sommelier

China's most influential sommelier LU Yang talks about the boom in sommeliers as career options, in addition the latest trends in the on-trade market.

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Terry Xu / 葡萄酒小皮

As the founder of Aroma Republic, Terry Xu (known as 'Xiao Pi' - Mr Pinot among the Chinese readers) is a young wine expert and one of China's most influential opinion leaders in wine. Having been certified by 6 wine regions and countries including CIVB, BIVB, BINC and WSET, Terry has delivered more than 500 wine training sessions since 2007. As a wine writer Wei has more than 250,000 followers on Wechat and Weibo.

Xiao Pi's words of wine

Terry Xu digs into the most trendy and talked-about topics among wine consumers in China. Updated every two weeks.

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Jennifer Docherty MW / 葡萄酒大师张藯萱

Jennifer Docherty MW is the first ethnically Chinese and Mandarin speaking Master of Wine. Her love of gastronomy led her to pursue WSET wine courses, and she eventually achieved the Master of Wine in 2015. Docherty is currently working with Liberty Wines as the buyer for France, in addition to many other countries.

Jennifer Docherty MW's wine basics

In her bite-size column series Jennifer Docherty MW intend to simplify some of the complexities surrounding wine to help readers understand and select a wider range of wines for their drinking pleasure.

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The Wild Wild East

Andrew Jefford

Andrew Jefford is a columnist for both Decanter magazine and, Jefford has been writing and broadcasting about wine (as well as food, whisky, travel and perfume) since the 1980s, winning many awards – the latest for his work as a columnist.

Jefford on Monday

Award-winning wine writer Andrew Jefford’s Monday column on

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Jane Anson

Jane Anson is Bordeaux correspondent for Decanter, and has lived in the region since 2003. She is author of Bordeaux Legends, a history of the First Growth wines, the Bordeaux and Southwest France author of The Wine Opus and 1000 Great Wines That Won’t Cost A Fortune (both Dorling Kindersley, 2010 and 2011). Anson is contributing writer of the Michelin Green Guide to the Wine Regions of France (March 2010, Michelin Publications), and writes a monthly wine column for the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

Anson on Thursday

Decanter's Bordeaux correspondent Jane Anson talks about all aspects of the wine world in Bordeaux and beyond.

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