Jennifer Docherty MW's wine basics

Jennifer Docherty MW / 葡萄酒大师张藯萱

Jennifer Docherty is the first ethnically Chinese and Mandarin speaking Master of Wine. She grew up in a traditional Chinese household despite being born in Vancouver, Canada. Docherty was a fashion designer in New York before making her way to London. Her love of gastronomy led her to pursue part-time WSET wine courses, which inspired her to change careers from fashion to wine, where she eventually achieved the Master of Wine in 2015.

In her varied career, Docherty has worked in education, sales and fine wine buying. She also judges in wine competitions including Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA). As a French speaker, she is currently working with Liberty Wines as the buyer for France, in addition to many other countries. She delights in sharing her passion about wines and what she has learned to a willing audience, especially if it helps to enhance their appreciation of wine.

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