Blaufrankisch (red)


Juicy, high quality Austrian variety capable of making deliciously succulent reds and can be good when aged in oak and in blends with Cabernet Sauvignon. Known in Germany as Limberger, elsewhere as Kekfrankos, Nagyburgundi, Frankovka, Vojvodina and Franconia.

Image: Lemberger, provided by German Wine Institute

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Blaufränkisch: Austria’s finest red

It may be a bit tricky to pronounce, but Blaufränkisch has made a name for itself, as Austrian producers explore its potential for quality wines. Stephen Brook introduces a native grape that deserves to have global recognition...

Blaufränkisch – it doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, does it? No wonder that in the 1990s many Austrian wine estates decided to focus instead on international varieties such as Merlot. Today, however, international varieties are in retreat, as Austrians begin to concur that Blaufränkisch is their country’s finest red.

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