Franciacorta: For those in the know


Franciacorta may not be as talked-about as other sparkling wines, but Rebecca Gibb MW discovers it has real style and plenty of ambition....

Originally published in Decanter magazine's 2018 Italy supplement and on Decanter Premium

Franciacorta: Lombardy’s fashionable fizz

Milan is the heart of Italian fashion design, and long after the catwalks have closed for another season glamour continues to ooze out of its streets and beyond the city limits.

Less than an hour’s drive away, visitors at the Festival d’Estate Franciacorta effortlessly pull off a fashion miracle: looking stylish while wearing a glass on a string around the neck. On an unusually hot June day, dance music that sounds like it could have come straight from an Ibiza chill-out album provides the soundtrack. There are hundreds drinking Franciacorta under an unrelenting sun, yet the gorgeous young crowd is impeccably behaved: it’s a tasting festival with taste.

Translated by Sylvia Wu / 吴嘉溦

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