Countdown to Shanghai: Judy Chan of Grace Vineyard


Decanter talks exclusively to Judy Chan, president of Grace Vineyard, about her involvement in the first Decanter Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter, which takes place at The Ritz Carlton in Shanghai on Saturday 29th November.

How much are you looking forward to your Meet the Producer tasting at the Decanter Fine Wine Encounter in Shanghai?

Very much indeed. In addition, I’m also looking forward to attending some of the other masterclasses and learning from the many great producers who are going to be there.

Why did you choose to present your Tasya's Reserve Chardonnay?

In China, so much emphasis is put on red wine. Therefore, I want to draw people's attention to white wines as well. Secondly, I think people who come to the masterclasses are expecting something special. So this will be the first time we have a done a vertical white wine tasting in China.

Which vintages will you be showing?

I’m showing our 2003, 2007 and 2010. They are all very different vintages and wines, which I hope will be a pleasant surprise for the audience.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement at Grace Vineyard so far?

I think to produce wines which we like and that are also accepted by the market.

What is the best piece of wine advice you have been given?

Wine is just like us. A person who goes through ups and downs in life, tend to be a far more interesting person than those who haven't gone through much. A wine made in difficult conditions and is able to overcome those challenges, has a far more distinctive style and character.

What other wines are you particularly looking forward to tasting in Shanghai?

Far too many to mention!

Judy Chan will be presenting a special Meet the Producer: Grace Vineyard seminar at the Decanter Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter on Saturday 29th of November.

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