Gamay (red)


[Grape Variety]

Gamay is the Beaujolais grape, and, as such, carries with it an innate inferiority complex next to the red burgundy grape, Pinot Noir.

Image: Gamay grape, provided by BIVB / MUZARD J.P.

It's a pity because when it's good, Gamay can make a deliciously, gushingly juicy everyday red with a refreshing nip of acidity and flavours ranging from strawberry and cherry to hints of banana. In the ten Beaujolais crus, it's also capable of making a more serious, ageworthy red. Also grown with moderate success in the Loire, Switzerland and former Yugoslavia and known for some strange reason in California as Valdiguié.

What does it taste like?bubblegum and banana
cherry and strawberry flavours

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