Chateau Lafitte wins trademark dispute in China


Côtes de Bordeaux producer Château Lafitte has won a two-year trademark dispute brought by Château Lafite Rothschild against them in China.

Image © Château Lafitte

The dispute over the use of the name ‘Lafitte’ dates back to 2003 in France. In 2008 the Court of Appeal in Paris granted the estate the right to keep using a name that dates back to 1763, when it was owned by Raymond Lafitte.

The Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC) ruled on 19 August 2015 that it would not uphold the complaint because there was no risk of consumer confusion.

‘We have waited a long time for this result,’ Philippe Mengin, owner of Château Lafitte, told ‘Our brand is now protected in China just as it is in France. The two brands co-exist in France and there is no reason why they can not in China also. We are for different consumers and at different price points, and the trademark office has agreed.’

Chateau Lafite Rothschild publicly gave ‘no comment’ on the ruling at this stage.

Around 50% of the production of Château Lafitte, which uses Michel Rolland as a consultant, is sold within China.

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