Stephen Quinn

Stephen Quinn is based in Hong Kong and has been writing about wine in the Asian region for the past six years. He makes videos for as well as writes print stories. Along with his freelance work, Dr Quinn runs MOJO Media Insights where he trains media professionals to make broadcast-quality videos using only an iPad Mini. He is the former digital development editor at the South China Morning Post, where he helped re-launch the site that won in November 2012 the WAN/Ifra gold medal for best news website. From 1996-2011 Dr Quinn, an Australian, was a journalism professor in Australia, the UAE, the US, and most recently China. From 1975-1995 Dr Quinn was a journalist in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. He has written 18 books. The most recent, the third edition of MOJO: Mobile Journalism in the Asian Region, appeared in 2012. Examples of his videos can be found at He blogs at

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