Cru Classe with your burger, Madam? (I)


Do you keep treasured bottles for special occasions only? Decanter columnist Fiona Beckett revealed that she once enjoyed the combination of Krug and grilled fish fingers. Various wine lovers also have confessed to her their secret pleasures as well: hamburgers with cru classé Bordeaux, Champagne with popcorn… If Robert Parker takes his favourite bottles along to his local Chinese, why shouldn’t you?

Burgers & Bordeaux - 4 /5 points

It’s hard to fault the classic red wine, grilled rare beef and salty potatoes. But go easy on the raw onions and skip the ketchup. A top-notch Californian Cabernet, or a Super-Chilean should also do the job nicely.

Fish and chips & white Graves - 4/5 points

Crispy, sizzlingly fresh fish and chips with seductively lush white Graves added a note of luxury. Pure unoaked Sauvignon would be another good choice (similar to adding a squeeze of lemon). Remember to hold lemon juice, brown sauce or ketchup.

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