Osborne, Solera AOS Rare, Amontillado, Sherry, Spain NV

Best in Show

Best in Show
Decanter World Wine Awards

Country: Spain
Region: Sherry
Sub-region: Amontillado
Grape(s): Palomino 100%
Producer: Osborne
Alc: 22%

Osborne, Solera AOS Rare, Amontillado, Sherry, Spain NV Osborne, Solera AOS Rare, Amontillado, Sherry, Spain NV

One glance at this Amontillado, with its deep walnut hue and amber glints, will tell you that this is not just an old wine but an ancient one. So, too, does its powerful engine of aroma, which seems to fill a room within minutes of pouring. Its aromatic allusions recall raisin and hessian, nuts, ham and bacon, dried apricots and peaches, apples and lemons, library dust and antique leather, moist liquorice and camphor…and much else. All you need is time to pick the analogies out. That aromatic intensity is matched on the palate with a wine of deep-diving force and almost textural levels of extract, just saved from austerity by those prodigiously aromatic fruits. A small glass of this distinguished vinous antique will provide hours of happy sipping.

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