GreatWall, YuePop Sweet Sparkling Wine, China NV

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Decanter China

Country: China
Region: Shandong
Sub-region: Penglai
Grape(s): Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains
Producer: GreatWall
Alc: 6%
Distributor in China: Supermarkets
Price range: ¥58

GreatWall, YuePop Sweet Sparkling Wine, China NV GreatWall, YuePop Sweet Sparkling Wine, China NV

Recommended by: Li Demei ( columnist, DAWA Vice Chair)

This is a refreshing sparkling wine made using Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains. Rose and fruit candy aromas, decent acidity balance nicely with the green apple, citrus fruit flavours, garnished with fine, creamy mousse.

Romantic and vibrant bubbles, sweet and cheerful flavours, and low alcohol combined with festive packaging—this is a sparkling wine perfect for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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