Pierre Gonon, St. Joseph, Northern Rhône, France 2014

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Country: France
Region: Northern Rhône
Sub-region: St. Joseph
Grape(s): Syrah
Producer: Pierre Gonon
Alc: 3.0%
Distributor in China: Magnum Wines

Pierre Gonon, St. Joseph, Northern Rhône, France 2014 Pierre Gonon, St. Joseph, Northern Rhône, France 2014

Recommended by: Ian Dai

This Syrah from the northern Rhone made using traditional methods is a nice choice for your Chinese New Year dinner. No-one could resist the violet and plum perfume of this wine; the fine structure, on the other hand, allows the enthusiast to savour and enjoy.

St-Joseph based Pierre Gonon insists on traditional winemaking, using 100 year old large wood barrels for fermentation, after which they are aged in old barriques.

The two wines I have recommended are both light-flavoured and widely adaptable to all kinds of food. The light sweetness of many Chinese dishes makes it hard to pair with wine. Strong-flavoured wines (such as heavily oaked or over-ripe wines), tend to be too ‘loud’ when paired with Chinese food, and I would suggest avoiding them.

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