2014 Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Show

Start date: 15 August 2014

End date: 17 August 2014

Email: xuxiaojin@pcoic.org.cn / jinhebi@itoc.com.cn

Telephone: Ms Xu 许小姐; +86 (0)21 5081 4287 / Ms Jin 金小姐; +86 (0)21 5868 3910

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre

2345 Longyang Road, Pudong, Shanghai

2014 Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Show

About SIWS
What all the vintners always want is a platform to let all wine lover and consumer to know about wine and a chance to sell its wine. This is exactly why we host Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Show. To meet demands for vintner, SIWC and SIWS both born in 2006. We serve for the wine industry and consumer and aim at promoting wine culture in order to build a platform for consumer to get a close look into the world of wine. We encourage public to observe, taste and feel the wine.

Why Choose SIWS
· Based in the most developed city in China - Shanghai. Spread influence to Yangtze River Delta even nationwide.
· Fully support from China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Zone which is a critical point to break into Chinese market.
· A chance to meet the consumer face to face. To build brand image, insert your brand to consumer.
· We have years experience and various industrial resource.

Reviews 2013
The reborn of Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Show has been great supported. SIWS 2013 attracts 7000 visitors and wines from nearly 20 countries which almost contains the main wine manufacture countries and regions including France, Italy, America, German, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Canada, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Slovakia, Mexican, Argentina, Greece, Russia etc.

Various Events
With the cooperation with exhibitors, various on-site events have been launched during 2013 SIWS. SIWS will not settle for a platform only for business. SIWS also devoted to promote different wine culture, help the public to know wines in order to introduce wines to our daily life.

Therefore, we set tasting session for different theme. During the tasting session, the visitors has chances to taste wine from New Zealand, Czech, Italy, Australia etc. Ms. Herczeg Agnes, the candidate of Master of Wine from Hungary, come to the Show and lead our visitors to learn more about Hungary wines. Also with the support of Shanghai Pudong Alcohol Monopoly Bureau, we are honored to invite them to demonstrate the tracking system which is used to rule the wine market in China and teach visitor how to identify wines from the fake one. Beside that, We set a particular display area for Shanghai International Wine Challenge during SIWS 2013 in order to let the visitors enjoy the awarded wines.

Range of Exhibits
Liquor: Wine, Spirits, Japanese Saki, Liqueur, Beer, Low alcohol drinks etc.
Related Items: Wine glass, Wine bottle, Wine cabinet, Opener, Wine decanter, adjuvant material, imported food etc.
Related Service: Wine package, Wine design, Website, Association, Media, Chamber of commerce, Research institute etc.

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