Pinot Gris/Grigio (White)


[Grape Variety] Also known as: Grauburgunder/Ruländer(Germany), Szürkebarát(Hungary)

Pinot Gris, aka Tokay Pinot Gris in Alsace, is a slightly spicier and more expressive version of its stablemate, Pinot Blanc, and actually a mutation of Pinot Noir.

Image: Grauburgunder, provided by German Wine Institute

It is one of the chief dry white varieties in Alsace (though its colour ranges from gray-blue to pink), but also produces some deliciously sweet, ageworthy, late-harvest styles. It is the same grape as northern Italy's Pinot Grigio, Germany's Grauburgunder or Ruländer and Hungary's Szürkebarát and is becoming moderately fashionable in New Zealand.

What does it taste like?smoky and spicy
occasionally oily

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