Brett (Brettanomyces)


Brett is a sturdy yeast able to thrive in both aerobic and anaerobic environments at wine alcohol levels with little sustenance.

Reds are particularly at risk due to their pH levels and use of oak (where Brett can live). It is responsible for off-aromas ranging from spice and smoke to animal, specifically horse.

Unfortunately, Pinot Noir is particularly sensitive and a little Brett will ruin its delicate fruit, perfume, and therefore, its sense of place, as it does for all infected wines. (Please note that Brett can be found in any wine and is not just limited to Burgundy.)

Fortunately, Brett can be eliminated by practicing good hygiene in the winery, especially for oak barrels; using adequate SO2; and filtering or adding of DMDC (dimethyl dicarbonate) prior to bottling.

Translated by Sylvia Wu / 吴嘉溦

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