China toasted V-Day military parade with Chinese wines


Two Chinese ‘Great Wall’ wines produced in Hebei Province were served at the banquet hosted by President XI Jinping following China’s V-Day military parade.

Image © Great Wall Wine

A Special Reserve Syrah 2011 and a Reserve Riesling 2011, both produced by Chateau SunGod Great Wall in Shacheng, Hebei Province, were chosen to greet President XI Jinping’s distinguished international guests who attended the celebration ceremony of the 70th anniversary of China’s WWII victory over Japan. The nation-wide celebration was hosted in Beijing on 3rd September.

Serving Chinese produced wines at state-level international occasions has been a political tradition in China. In recent years, along with the government’s actions to tackle corruption, wines are increasingly used as the ‘national drink’ instead of the more traditional baijiu (white spirit).

Wines chosen for each occasion sometimes have politically symbolic meanings, said Chinese producers.

Chateau SunGod Great Wall is believed to be China’s first winery to produce dry white wine in China. Also the brand Great Wall ‘conveys China’s spirit and strengths’, therefore suitable for the occasion, said Great Wall.

A Gran Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 and a Reserve Riesling 2011, also from Chateau SunGod Great Wall, were served at the opening dinner at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit, which took place in Beijing last year.

Similarly, China’s state banquet with François Hollande, President of France, saw wines from Chateau Changyu Afip Global (Miyun County, Beijing) being served to ‘symbolise Sino-France cooperation’ as the chateau’s chief winemaker was from France, said Changyu’s spokesperson.

Hosted in the Great Hall of the People, the commemoration banquet welcomed 30 government top leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and Park Geun-hye, president of South Korea, as well as 19 senior officials from foreign governments and international organisations, said local news.

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