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A fine wine collection is much more than a selection of bottles: it is, rather, a collection of shared memories and an expression on one’s personality and joie de vivre. Thankfully, wine storage has evolved beyond the days of dusty stair cupboards and ill-equipped garages. Already widely recognised for its iconic, benchmark wine cabinets, EuroCave also extended its leading expertise to the design of bespoke wine cellar rooms, placing wine where it deserves to be: at the centre of life. The modern oenophile can turn to EuroCave for inspiration, cutting- edge design, unparalleled quality and for that very French ability to make each day a moment of sophisticated celebration.

Preserving and creating beauty

EuroCave’s mantra is ‘to create new ways of experiencing, storing, serving and sharing wine.’ Which is why the historical expertise in wine preservation has gone beyond the creation of wine cabinets, to create bespoke storage rooms where wine can be preserved, displayed and enjoyed – seamlessly integrated into the customer’s homes, offices or restaurants.

The term ‘handcrafted’ – that overused word beloved of marketeers – nonetheless perfectly encapsulates how EuroCave approaches the creation of each wine room: each solution is lovingly conceived, designed and built by experts that can interpret the customer’s desires while offering the best solution for a given space. Technology meets

custom design to create unique rooms that have personality, comfort and quality – and a very French flair.

Situated in the pretty commune of Fourmies, in Northern France, EuroCave’s production site comprises over 5,000 m2 of workshops, where the latest technology and craftsmanship meet. The firm’s credentials have no parallel in the industry: EuroCave obtained the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label in 2021, awarded by the French state. This was given in recognition of the company’s unrivalled expertise, passed down from generation to generation for almost 50 years. EuroCave also holds the Origine France Garantie certification for its wine cabinets and air conditioning units, a unique guarantee of origin and traceability in French manufacturing. This makes it the only cabinet manufacturer to hold both accolades.

Château Teyssier
Château Teyssier

A personality and style statement

The company’s overriding ethos is to deliver a tailored product that balances aesthetics with functionality. For true wine enthusiasts a modern ‘wine cellar’ is not merely a storage space – it is a symbol of the desire to share a wonderful passion with friends and family. Historically, bottles were squirrelled away in cellars and garages, out of sight and out of mind. The contemporary wine lover, however, needs to have their vinous treasures integrated into their home and lifestyle. Fortunately, advances in technology mean it’s now possible to incorporate one’s storage display into a variety of environments, from disused bedrooms to contemporary kitchens. As a result, sybarites are increasingly shunning underground wine cellars in favour of above-ground, integrated solutions. These are wine rooms that make a statement about the collector’s personality and style.

EuroCave relies upon elements from its four storage systems – Modulo-X, Modulosteel, Modulorack and Modulothèque – to arrive at the best possible, and unique solution. Each high-quality material, be it wood, steel, or aluminium, is seamlessly integrated into a harmonious and sophisticated whole. Yet, while aesthetics are clearly a priority, EuroCave is fundamentally committed to keeping collector’s bottles in pristine condition. Every environmental factor is taken into account, ranging from lighting to air quality, with the Inoa technology maintaining a precise temperature in the wine room. That way, a perfect storage environment is guaranteed throughout.

Unique pieces of wine couture

While the company’s quality standards are immutable, each storage space is unique; each a piece of understated French luxury, with trademark style, personality and quality. During the consultation process, the team will design a ‘cellar’ according to the type of space available, with a range of different materials and styles at the customer’s disposal. This includes traditional wood cellars (Modulothèque), stainless steel wine cellars (Modulosteel and Modulo-X collections), elegant wine racks (Modulorack range), with a large choice of possible bottle displays. The ‘La Main du Sommelier’, a system has been developed by the company to provide a unique and flexible bottle support for all bottle shapes and sizes, can be easily fastened to the shelves.

Due to their modular nature, the different ranges can be used concurrently and combined in the same wine room to serve different storage sections.
Whether to fashion a traditional underground cellar or create a contemporary masterpiece in the centre of one’s living room, EuroCave is the first choice when seeking a multipurpose lifestyle space that delivers both quality and beauty. Practising superior craftsmanship, EuroCave works directly with homeowners to build the wine space of their dreams. Bien sûr!

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