Soochow, a city that speaks the wine language in the elegant Wu dialect


Soochow, a famous Chinese city with over 2500 year history, is the largest city of Jiangsu Province that can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty around BC 514. In recent years, the ancient city has become one of the fastest growing major cities in the world, with GDP growth rates at about 14% in the past 35 years.

The cities features traditional local culture, old city canal, classical gardens, Kunqu and Suzhou opera, silk and Suzhou embroidery, paintings and handicrafts, making it one of the top tourist attractions in China. By taking the advantages of its economic growths and perfect location (100km to Shanghai), wine culture has become more and more popular, fuelling a fast-growing wine market.

What happens when wine meets Wu dialect, one of the most elegant dialects in China?

Sponsored by Suzhou Qianyuan Decoration and in partnership with Suzhou Hivle Mansion boutique hotel, Suzhou Melove Wine has successfully held the Soochow Wine Tasting Competition this autumn. This competition is also the regional version of the China Blind Tasting Competition, one of the most famous tasting events in China.

Over 150 local wine lovers took part in the competition and more than half of them won cash rewards in different amounts. This event illustrates that Suzhou citizens are showing strong interests in wine tasting, and the local wine market has huge growth potential.

Melove Wine is currently the most active professional institution in Soochow dedicated in wine education and boutique wine distribution. This is the third consecutive year that Melove has organized the blind tasting event in Soochow.

The main goal of Melove Wine is to promote authentic wine culture and help local wine wholesalers and consumers to establish systematic wine knowledge including food and wine pairing ideas. Melove Wine organises different types of wine tasting courses almost every week in Soochow and the neighbouring cities. The institution also organizes tasting events and wine dinners, giving wineries and importers opportunities to introduce products to the Chinese market.

Regional bodies of wine regions, wineries, exporter and importers, wine wholesalers and retailers are welcome to get in touch with Melove Wine for a full range of cooperation. If you are a wine lover or wish to become one, you are also welcome to start a fantastic wine journey with us.

WeChat (for collaboration):melovezs 酩侣小助手

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