SUSTAINABLE AUSTRIA – Certified Sustainable Wine

Austria's wine industry is optimising sustainability even further by introducing official certification for sustainable operating wineries and their wines.

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The sustainability programme for wineries, which was introduced on the National Viticulture Day, June 24th, 2014, by the Austrian Winegrowers' Association in cooperation with leading scientific institutions, is now entering its operative phase that, ultimately, culminates with the certification of sustainable working wineries.

“Sustainability shouldn't be just a catchword, but must be defined, verified and guaranteed,” explains Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of the Austrian Winegrowers' Association.

“With the online tool, created after three years of research by leading scientific institutions, the Austrian wine industry gets an instrument that sets also international standards.”

Logos "Sustainable Austria", © Austrian Winegrowers

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB), on behalf of the Austrian Winegrowers' Association, worked on the development of a communication strategy and graphic implementation. The first results were presented on the AWMB's Marketing Day, January 21st, at the Austria Center in Vienna; further developments were made following extensive feedback from winemakers - including the design of a logo integrated with that of the AWMB. On wine bottle labels of the certified wineries, either the logo (in colour or black & white) or simply text that includes the URL (internet address) can be used. Information about the programme as well as the link to the “login” area for winery self-evaluation with the online tool to be used (in German only) can be found via the internet addresses (English) and (German).

“Environmental awareness, high social standards and economic success are in no way contradistinctions, but are now seen as new, important business goal priorities,” says Willi Klinger, managing director of the AWMB. “Because consumers are increasingly demanding more responsibility from business and the economy, the topic of sustainability is becoming more important also in marketing.”

Due to numerous positive reactions from Austria's winemakers, extensive participation and first certifications are expected very soon.

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For further information, please contact:

Josef Glatt
Managing Director, Austrian Winegrowers' Association
Tel.: +43 1 53441-8553

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