Tenuta Sant’Antonio Getting to the heart of the Valpolicella


2009: the beginning of Telos. In ancient Greek it means the intention, or the aim. For Tenuta Sant’Antonio, it represents a new starting point.

Telos is a new chapter in the story of love for wine and for the land that unites Armando, Tiziano, Paolo and Massimo Castagnedi, four brothers who share a great passion born about twenty years ago in the paternal vineyards of San Zeno of Colognola ai Colli, where the most famous Veronese wines are produced: Amarone, Valpolicella, and Soave.

The vineyards are in the eastern section of Valpolicella in the hills of Illasi and Mezzane, giving Tenuta Sant’Antonio the means to produce great wines that bring out the best characteristics of the typical grapes of the territory.

Research and continuous attention evolution in the wine world are the strength of this company that has set itself an important goal: to create products with distinct personalities, moving increasingly towards organic production.

The Telos philosophy

The choice of the name Telos represents a different way of thinking and making wine. The project is the brainchild of the family winemaker, Paolo, and was born in 2009 with the aim of creating fundamental harmony with the territory.

The focus is on attention to detail, from vineyard to bottling, and the first practical step is the production of a line without added sulfites, SO2 free.

Purity is the watchword. With the experience of years of experimentation and research, Tenuta Sant’Antonio has perfected the use of alternative techniques in the production phase, such as the use of low temperatures, inert gases such as nitrogen, and organic products for use in special fermentations.

The result is more natural and healthy wines, made according to nature. Nature is the starting point; the right terroir and working in harmony with the land, using the fruits of the long tradition of winemaking in the region, using the benefits of modern technology, and paying attention to the naturalness of the grapes, complete the equation.

One more development has been to make the vinification process vegan- friendly, so that no product or derivative of animal origin is used. In fact, the Telos range is Certified Vegan, guaranteeing its naturalness.

Telos Il Bianco, Telos Il Rosso Valpolicella Superiore, the great Telos L’Amarone and Telos Il Grigio, the latest addition to the family, were presented at this year’s Vinitaly; they are all the exaltation of the aromas and aromas of the grapes from which they derive. They reveal a distinctive personality and a deep connection with the territory in the glass. Territory and personality, according to Tenuta Sant’Antonio’s philosophy, are two fundamental characteristics that distinguish a great wine.

The wines

Telos Il Bianco

Made from Garganega and Chardonnay grapes, with delicate and pervasive aromas of citrus fruit and medicinal herbs such as feverfew, mint, sage and thyme, and a twist of bitter almonds on the finish. To be savoured with passion. Refreshing and persistent, with a continually developing palate, this is an ideal wine to use as an aperitif, or pair with starters, vegetables or fish with light sauces.

Telos Il Grigio

First presented at Vinitaly 2019, Telos Il Grigio is the latest addition to the range and an unmistakable wine. Naturally balanced, its flavours hark back to the Pinot Grigios of the past.

Soft and pervasive on the palate, supported by good acidity and body, Il Grigio balances aromas and flavours perfectly with hints of white flowers such as jasmine and hawthorn, and aromas of citrus fruit and pomegranates. All accompanied by a slight minerality.

Particularly good with cured raw fish and white meat dishes.

Telos Il Rosso

Telos Il Rosso is a Valpolicella Superiore DOC of quality and taste: produced with Corvina, Rondinella, Croatina and Oseleta grapes.

Plums and cherries on the nose with hints of liquorice and black graphite. Smooth, refreshing and very tasty on the palate. Youthful, and continuously evolving. Perfect with richly-sauced pasta; roast or grilled beef or lamb; mature but not spicy cheeses.

Telos L’Amarone

Made with a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, Croatina and Oseleta grapes. Imposing structure, as befits an Amarone, but above all refined and elegant. These characteristics make Telos L’Amarone unique.

Complex aromas with hints of plums and spices. Striking minerality on the nose, particularly the scent of black graphite that characterizes its link with the volcanic soil. Dry, warming and smooth on the palate: quite soft, well balanced and persistent.

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