Tips from the great winemakers-3 Denis Dubourdieu


Denis Dubourdieu
Professor of Oenology at the University of Bordeaux, winemaker, consultant of various estates including Chateau Cheval Blanc

Travel is my first suggestion. Visit Bordeaux when you have money and time.

Secondly, don’t only focus on the most and the least expensive wines, try the medium range made by famous producers.

Also not only focus on the reds — there are some very good whites as well. The best opportunity for Chinese wine lovers is perhaps Sauternes, which represent centuries of history. Some of them were also classified in 1855, but their prices are probably much lower than the classified reds. Try the Barsacs and Sauternes, especially with Peking Duck!

Moreover, you must trust your own tastes. The first question is: did I enjoy the wine or not? If you enjoyed it, then you’re right.

The wine is born for the first time in the winery, which is a preliminary, common birth. But the second birth is much more important—it is in the brain, in the mind, in the soul of the consumer. And the value of the wine is given by the second birth. You must help with the second birth, like a doctor.

*Read about Denis Dubourdieu's latest research on premature oxidation of red wines>>

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