Barolo 2010 Vintage Guide


At a glance

Classic, balanced wines from a relatively cool growing season and late harvests. Probably the best long-term potential of wines from 2009–2012

Once in a while, a vintage that is truly special appears to come knocking on the doors of wine lovers everywhere. Rarer, but even better, are those occasions when wine lovers are confronted with an embarassment of riches: such is the case with the 2010 Barolo vintage.

In 2010, the cool growing season and late harvest reminded me of vintages from the 1970s or early 1980s. Spring and summer were generally cool and rainy, delaying budbreak and ensuring a long, late growing season. August was characterised by foggy but warm weather (canopy management was particularly important to prevent stagnant humidity), followed by a September and October that were mostly dry.

Translated by ICY

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