Don St Pierre Jr steps down as exec chairman of ASC Fine Wines


Don St Pierre Jr, the co-founder of ASC Fine Wines, will step down as executive chairman of the China-based importer from next month.

Image: Don St Pierre

St Pierre, who founded ASC with his father in 1996, said today (23 May) that he will relinquish his position in June following a decision to relocate from ASC's base in Shanghai to California with his family.

But, he will remain an ASC board member and will also become a senior advisor to ASC's parent company, Suntory Wine International.

St Pierre, 46, became executive chairman at ASC in 2012, after he was succeeded as chief executive by John Watkins - who remains the group's present CEO.

ASC is one of the leading importers of premium wine in China, holding the accounts for more than 100 wine estates, including many Bordeaux classed growths.

Of his new role at Suntory, St Pierre said, 'I hope to help Suntory both strengthen and grow its existing wine businesses in Japan, China and Europe, and find new opportunities for growth via strategic partnerships and investments in both distribution and production.'

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