Osborne Sherry: Over 245 years of excellence


Founded by an Englishman in 1772, Osborne remains one of the oldest firms in Spain today, run by the seventh generation of the family business. Over two centuries ago, driven by rising clamour for Sherry in London, Thomas Osborne Mann sailed to Jerez full of ambition. Within a few years, Osborne established the Bodegas that still bear his name in El Puerto de Santa María.

In Jerez, a long history can guarantee not only prestige but also the precious rarity of the soleras acquired over many years. The Osborne family has preserved some of Jerez’s oldest soleras, creating two collections that encapsulate its heritage and traditions in every drop. Now introducing the range’s new visual identity.

V.O.R.S. Collection: Four oenological jewels

10 years ago Bodegas Osborne acquired an extraordinary set of soleras, forming one the most important collections of old and rare Sherry in the world.

V.O.R.S. Capuchino

An exquisite Palo Cortado, made from 100% Palomino Fino and aged in Osborne’s oldest solera – originally established in 1790 by the Capuchin monks. Osborne only draws 1.5% from the 25 butts each year to preserve the solera for future generations.

Capuchino won a Silver Medal and scored 94/100 points in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018. Judges praised the complex nose of walnuts, dried stone fruit and leather, followed by a salty tang on the palate and a creamy finish.

V.O.R.S Sibarita

The clue is in the name – Sibarita is the Spanish word for sybarite; this Oloroso Sherry is made for Osborne’s bon vivant clientele. Sibarita comes from one of the world’s most sought-after soleras, dating back to 1792.

Sibarita won a Gold Medal at the most recent Decanter World Wine Awards, scoring 95/100 points for its ‘fantastically complex nose with chocolate, roast coffee, raisins and lovely wood spice’.

V.O.R.S. Amontillado 51-1a

Amontillado 51-1a, pronounced ‘51 Primera’, is made from a solera that dates back to 1830. Since its release, this prized Amontillado has won several awards and it was recently scored 95/100 points by Guía Peñín. Tasting notes include bitter orange with a saline edge and a luxuriantly long finish. Last year, it was named Champion - Best Dry Fortified at the Wines from Spain Awards chaired by Tim Atkin MW.

V.O.R.S. Venerable

The aptly named Venerable solera dates back to 1902 and comprises 103 butts, divided into three criaderas filled with 100% Pedro Ximénez.

Venerable won a Platinum Medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, scoring 97/100 points. Decanter’s expert tasters applauded its intense notes of espresso, nutella and toasty spice flavours with hints of tobacco.

Rare Sherry Collection: Five family treasures

For centuries the Osborne family has kept a small private collection of the finest soleras. Recently they decided to share their Rare Sherries with the public, offering a fascinating insight into their family history.

Solera AOS

In 1903 D. Tomás Osborne Guezala, II Count of Osborne, founded this 39-butt solera to celebrate the birth of his son, Antonio, and it was given his initials. The Count gave strict instructions that the Amontillado should not be bottled until his son turned 21.

AOS was awarded a Platinum Medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, scoring 97/100 points. ‘Unique, a jewel of a wine with incredible flavours,’ said the judges.

Solera PX Viejo

This Pedro Ximénez V.O.R.S. is crafted from three criaderas, yet drawn from a single- butt Solera that was established in 1905. This is Osborne’s flagship Sherry, expressing classic PX notes of chocolate, roasted coffee, dates and spices. Its uniqueness has been recognised with 96/100 points by Luis Gutierrez from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

Solera BC 200

This Oloroso’s curious name stretches back to 1864, when the solera belonged to a set of three, named ABC. However solera ‘A’ was sent to the Russian tsars in St Petersburg in 1888, leaving BC in Jerez. ‘200’ is thought to refer to the original number of butts, although only 40 survive today.

A mahogany-hued blend of 88% Palomino Fino and 12% Pedro Ximénez, this Sherry is known for its aromatic and layered notes of herbs, hazelnuts, bitter orange and coffee.

Solera India

Despite the label, this medium Oloroso has no ties with Asian India. The solera was founded in 1922 to make Sherry for export to parts of South America, once referred to as the Indies, in order to satisfy the tastes of Spanish diplomats.

Solera India Oloroso (80% Palomino Fino, 20% Pedro Ximénez) won a Silver Medal at the most recent Decanter World Wine Awards, scoring 90/100 points for its earthy, cedar expression comple- mented by lean fruit.

Solera P∆P

Pronounced ‘P triangle P’, this medium Oloroso is a tribute to the region’s famous Sherry Triangle, formed by Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María. The two Ps refer to Palo Cortado and Puerto de Santa María.

These full-bodied, 30-year-old Sherries are deep mahogany with green tints, expressing a distinctive nose of cigars, sandalwood and herbs. It was scored 96/100 by Guía Peñín in 2018.

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