Rosé and food matching


With its soft, fruity taste, easy-to-drink and lightweight character, as well as its attractive berry-like aromas, rosé can match perfectly with various styles of food.

Image © Lionel Moulet, provided by Inter Rhône

It is an excellent accompaniment when you are enjoying barbeque or other meat dishes such as seared beef and smoked salmon.

Rosé also pairs nicely with tomato-based dishes, such as pasta and pizza, and refreshing tomato salads.

Oriental delicacies, such as Edamame, fried prawns, dumplings and Chinese-style salad (freshly chopped vegetables seasoned with vinegar, salt and other spices) can also be enjoyed with a glass of rosé.

Sparkling rosé, on the other hand, enriches the exotic flavour of cuisines such as spicy Chinese dishes, Thai foods and soft goat cheese. Its refreshing bubbles and sweet aromas also work nicely with berry fruits and desserts like chocolate cakes and chocolate-coated strawberries.

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