What are white wines?


White wines are wines made from light-coloured grapes, or red grape varieties with their skins, stems and seeds removed before fermentation.

Yes it’s true—white wines are not necessarily made from white grapes. Natural grape juice is generally clear or slightly greyish, with the colour of a wine coming from the skins. So,

if the white wine is made from red grapes, only the clear juice will be used. The colour of white wines is not really “white” either, but rather yellowish. Aged white wines even appear to be amber-like.

White wines are produced widely around the world. The most popular white wine varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.

White wines should be enjoyed chilled, thus they are perfect choices for a hot summer. Their fine, light taste and low tannin are also suitable when enjoying lightly cooked dishes like seafood, turkey and vegetable salad.

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