International: Fongyee Walker became the first Master of Wine based in Mainland China


'It's so exciting and I hope that I can help other people in China achieve this dream,' Fongyee Walker MW told

Image: Fongyee Walker MW
Image: Fongyee Walker MW

The other 12 new Masters of Wine are:

· Richard Ballantyne (UK)

· Bree Boskov (Australia)

· Barbara Boyle (Ireland)

· Matt Deller MW (USA)

· Matthew Forster (UK)

· Sonal Holland (India)

· Jeremy Lithgow (UK)

· Mary Margaret McCamic (USA)

· Iain Munson (France)

· Mick O’Connell (Ireland) – DWWA 2016 judge

· Mark Pygott (Taiwan)

· Ana-Emilia Sapungiu (UK) – DWWA 2016 judge

There are now 358 Masters of Wine spread across 28 countries.

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Translated by Sylvia Wu / 吴嘉溦

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