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Worried about wine breaking when you are travelling? Wine storage expert Daniel Primack gives Decanter some handy tips.

Image: VinGardeValise's wine suitcase. Credit: VinGardeValise
Image: VinGardeValise

Travelling with wine can be risky, but what if you’re coming back from a wine region and just can’t resist taking a bottle or three back with you?

Donald Mumford, Essex, asks: What is the safest way to pack wine in your luggage to prevent breakage?

Daniel Primack, for Decanter, replies: Wine bottles are extremely durable and it is rare for them to break inside a suitcase. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce the possibility.

First, do not over pack your suitcase and don’t sit on it to close it! Buy a one-use WineSkin, a sealable, bottle-shaped, leak-proof bubble wrap layer. Or a Jet Bag which is similar and reusable. Put the bottles in the centre of the case surrounded by clothes.

Lastly, if you have a number of special bottles, a wine suitcase holds 12 in dense foam cut outs within a customised real suitcase.

Daniel Primack of Winerackd is a specialist in wine service and storage equipment.

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Translated by Sylvia Wu / 吴嘉溦

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