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A private lesson with Dorian:

How to select a bottle of wine for a special occasion?

Choosing appropriate wines for different occasions can give you twice the result with half the effort. First of all, you need to understand the theme of the dinner occasion, including the participant's age, gender, nationality, status and other details.

If it’s a date for couples or a Valentine’s Day dinner, you will need to create a romantic atmosphere. So go for Champagne, or order a wine with a romantic story or unique flavour, which will make your partner sit up and take notice.

If it is a formal business banquet, you can get closer to your client by preparing some wine-related stories, or talking about food and wine matching.

If you’re preparing wines for your parents, choose a wine of their birth year, or a wine with a special story or label that is meaningful to them.

For a gathering of friends or festivals, easy-drinking, fruit-driven wines are probably more appropriate for most people and are easy for you to match with food.

1.For a romantic dinner

Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne. Starting your candlelight dinner by opening a world-famous pink Champagne will surely impress her/ him. Lively bubbles with loads of red berries, like a dancer on the tongue, exquisite, elegant and graceful.

Followed by a French Burgundy - Louis Jadot Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru; bright ruby red, with intense aromas of red fruits, strawberries, cherries and pale violet flowers. The scent of truffle and the fragrance of the earth make you feel that you’re walking hand-in-hand deep in the forest, sharing a romantic and long-lasting journey together.

2.For parent’s birthdays

Gaja Barbaresco

Angelo Gaja is known as the father of Italian wines. Angelo’s persistence in Barbaresco, together with his love and passion, made him one of the most talented and down-to-earth wine artisans. He handcrafted this Barbaresco. Deep and incredible flavours open up slowly, with intense aromas of red berries, the fragrance of the earth, light tobacco, cigar box, with a trace of development gradually opened up in the glass; dry flower, violet, truffle and spices, you have every flavour of life here. Such a precious and complex wine should be appreciated with our most devoted and endearing mums and dads!

3.For spring festival

Brown Brothers Zibbibo Rosa Sparkling : Chinese cuisine is so varied, and the delightful holiday ‘cheers’ (Ganbei ~ ‘bottoms up’) is inevitable at festive occasions.

Bubbles represent auspiciousness, and bright pink hints at a lucky, joyous festival. Aromatic Muscat aromas, sweet grapes, roses, lychee fruit aroma, with low alcohol make the wine very palatable, and you just can’t stop quaffing.

Chateau Paradis Casseuil is made by Domaines Barons de Rothschild, owner of Lafite-Rothschild). The name of the wine means "Vine of heaven". It is a Bordeaux blend and its fruit is sourced from 35-year-old Cabernet and Merlot. The wine carries DBR’s winemaking philosophy, featuring a clean palate, fruitiness and a flowery nose. The fresh acidity and tannin could soften and cut through the greasy palate of meat at the dinner table.

*The above wines are distributed by ASC Fine Wines in China.

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