Malbec across the Andes


Twenty years ago, few people would have been able to envisage just how Malbec would evolve. The variety, which had been neglected for decades in its homeland, and only rarely used in red blends in other countries – such as Vega Sicilia in Spain and California’s Opus One – is today grown successfully not only in Argentina, but also in Chile, Australia, South Africa and the US. And in its native territory in Cahors, southwest France, Malbec wines are regaining the spotlight after spending centuries in the shadows.

Take a closer look, and this phenomenon could have multiple explanations. On the one hand, its expansion can be explained from a commercial point of view: Argentinian Malbec has enjoyed sustained success during the last decade, embraced by wine lovers across the globe and at different price levels, with the grape increasingly being positioned at the higher end. Meanwhile, from a winemaking perspective, Malbec has successfully adapted to different climates and soils.

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