China triples medal wins in DAWA 2015


China scored the best result in Decanter awards so far by tripling its medal wins in the 2015 Decanter Asia Wine Awards, which includes a Regional Trophy and a gold medal.

43 medals, as opposed to 12, were hauled by Chinese producers from six wine regions across China in 2015 Decanter Asia Wine Awards (DAWA). Wines from Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Yunnan and Hebei are also on the winners’ list this year, whereas only Ningxia and Shandong cropped awards last year.

Ningxia again led the win with 36 medals, including one Regional Trophy and one Gold Medal, further consolidating its status as the key fine wine region in China.

Pretty Pony 2013 of Kanaan Winery was the final winner to the Asia Red Regional Trophy after being pitted against another Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon from Ningxia Tianjun Lisi Winery. The latter was awarded a Gold Medal.

This year’s competition also saw different styles of Chinese wines being awarded medals, among which a Videl-based icewine, Fenhe Château 2012 of Heilongjiang Luyuan Winery, was awarded a silver medal. Helan Qingxue’s Cabernet-Franc-based Jiabeilan Rosé 2014 was awarded a silver, while Domaine Chandon gained another silver for Ningxia with a Brut NV sparkling wine.

2,600 wines from 32 countries were tasted blind at the 2015 Decanter Asia Wine Awards by over forty wine experts during a four-day judging week in Hong Kong early September.

The judging panel is predominantly formed of top experts based in Asia. This year’s vice chairs included China wine authority and columnist LI Demei, Shinya Tasaki, president of the international sommeliers’ association, and wine writer and critic CH’NG Poh Tiong.

During the four-day judging process, quality wines are firstly given medals with levels from commended, bronze, silver to gold. Gold-winning wines are then re-tasted by the chairs for the selection of Regional Trophies and then International Trophies, the highest award of the competition.

Visit to see the full results of this year’s Decanter Asia Wine Awards, as well as profiles of trophy winning producers.

List of award-winning Chinese wines

DAWA 2015 Regional Trophy

Asia Red Regional Trophy

· Kanaan Winery, Pretty Pony, Ningxia, China 2013

DAWA 2015 Gold Medal

Gold Medal
· Ningxia Tianjun Lisi Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013

DAWA 2015 Silver Medal

Silver Medal

· Shangri-La, Altiwine A1, Yunnan, China 2013
· Shangri-La, Altiwine A6, Yunnan, China 2013
· Ningxia Xixia King, Envoy Merlot, Ningxia, China 2013
· Ningxia Huida Winery, Colourful Sunshine, Cabernet Sauvignon Diamond, Ningxia, China 2013
· Helan Qingxue Vineyard, Jiabeilan Rosé, Ningxia, China 2014
· Heilongjiang Luyuan Winery, Fenhe Château, Heilongjiang, China 2012
· Greatwall, Merlot, Ningxia, China 2013
· Giantmonte, La Lune, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Zhihui Yuanshi, Son Of Mountain, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Yuquan of Xixiaking, Luxury Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2012
· Château Pushang, Marselan Dry Red Wine, Ningxia, China 2013

DAWA 2015 Bronze Medal

Bronze Medal

· Yuan Run, Fu Gui Series Syrah, Ningxia, China 2013
· Yuan Run, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013
· Xixia King, Chatea Global Jade Spring, Chardonnay, Ningxia, China 2014
· Shangri-La, Altiwine A3, Yunnan, China 2013
· Ningxia Yangyang International Company, Hezun Cabernet Sauvighon, Ningxia, China 2012
· Legacy Peak, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013
· Kanaan Winery, Black Beauty, Ningxia, China 2012
· Kanaan Winery, Crazy Fang, Ningxia, China 2011
· Hua Hao, Merlot, Ningxia, China 2013
· Ho-Lan Soul, Organic Italian Riesling, Ningxia, China 2014
· Ho-Lan Soul, Organic Syrah, Ningxia, China 2012
· Hansen Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013
· Hansen Winery, Helan Shan Donglu, Ningxia, China 2013
· Greatwall, 3 Star Cabernet Sauvignon, Hebei, China 2012
· Château Zhihui Yuanshi, Shi Dai, Ningxia, China 2014
· Château Yuquan Of Xixiaking, Master's Italian Riesling, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Yunmo, Cabernet Franc, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Septembre, Lan Shan Jade, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Rongzi, Etiquette Jaune, Shanxi, China 2013
· Château Pushang, Domaine Pu Shang Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Hansen, Cabernet Gernischt, Ningxia, China 2008
· Chandon, Brut, Ningxia, China, NV

DAWA 2015 Commended Medal

Commended Medal

· Yuan Run, Merlot, Ningxia, China 2013
· Yangyang, He Zun Cabernet Gernischt, Ningxia, China 2012
· Hua Hao, Merlot , Ningxia, China 2014
· Ho-Lan Soul, Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China 2012
· Château Leirenshou, Lux Regis R6, Ningxia, China 2012
· Château Junding, Oriental, Shandong, China 2012
· Château Leirenshou, Hogan, Ningxia, China 2013
· Château Global Jade Spring Xixia King, Cabernet Gernischt, Ningxia, China 2013

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