China doubles medal winnings at 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards


China has almost doubled its medal haul in the 2015 Decanter World Awards, with Xinjiang in particular demonstrating its potential as a quality wine region.

Wines from Ningxia, Xinjiang, Yunnan and Heilongjiang scooped a total of 35 medals in the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), a leap from 19 medals in 2014.

Wines from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in particular, have won four silver medals, four bronze and two commended in this year’s DWWA, as oppose to one bronze medal last year.

Xinjiang has long been known as a table grape producing region in China. Though the remote, inland location means ‘it has no advantages in terms of means of production and product transport’, ‘in the past decade, the cultivated area of wine grapes in this region has grown very fast’, said columnist LI Demei.

Recently reported that two regions in Xinjiang are expected to receive geographical indication protection in China, marking the autonomous region’s latest efforts to boost its young wine industry.

Ningxia still dominates the winning with five silver medals, 11 bronze medals and five commended medals, adding weight to its reputation as one of the few top quality regions in China.

Ten wines, including Altiwine No.6 from the Shangri-La winery, Yunnan Province, and Skyline of Gobi Cabernet Sauvignon Selection from Tiansai winery, Xinjiang, have scooped a silver medal, while the rest winnings are on bronze and commended medals.

The 2015 DWWA, now in its 12th anniversary, saw 15,929 wines from 48 countries being judged by 240 of the top wine exports in the world.

All wines were tasted blind. Commended, bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded to quality wines during the first stage of the judging. Gold medal-winning wines within each region are then divided into categories and pitted against their peers for the regional trophy. The highest award of the competition, the international trophy, are awarded to the best examples of each style among the regional trophy-winning wines.

This year, 35 wines out of the 15,929 tasted have excelled from their peers to win the international trophies, the highest accolade of the DWWA.

Chinese medal winning wines:

Silver medal winners

Château Yuhuang, Cabernet Gernischt, Ningxia, China, 2013
GreatWall, Terroir Premium Selection Merlot, Ningxia, China, 2006
Imperial Horse Winery, Ganbao Syrah, Ningxia, China, 2013
Legacy Peak, Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot, Ningxia, China, 2012
Ningxia Xixia King, Envoy Merlot, Ningxia, China, 2013
Shangri-La, Altiwine No.6, Yunnan, China, 2013
Tiansai, Skyline of Gobi, Cabernet Sauvignon Selection, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Tiansai, Skyline of Gobi, Chardonnay Reserve , Xinjiang, China, 2013
Zhongfei, Merlot Reserve, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Zhongfei, Barrel Aged Shiraz, Xinjiang, China, 2013

Bronze medal winners

Château Yangyang, Hezun Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China, 2012
Helan Mountain, Special Reserve Chardonnay , Ningxia, China, 2013
Kannan, Black Beauty, Ningxia, China, 2011
Château Hedong, 38° Latitude North, Ningxia, China, 2012
Château Lanny, Reserve Merlot, Ningxia, China, 2013
Château Yangyang, Hezun Cabernet Gernischt, Ningxia, China, 2012
Château Yuquan , , Ningxia, China, 2012
Heilongjiang Luyuan, Fenhe Château Ice Wine, , China, 2012
Helan Mountain, Special Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Ningxia, China, 2012
Imperial Horse Winery Winery, Pinot Noir, Ningxia, China, 2013
Shangri-La, Shiraz, Yunnan, China, 2013
Terre Sainte, Blue Mountain, Ningxia, China, 2011
Tiansai, Skyline of Gobi, Selection Chardonnay, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Tiansai , Skyline of Gobi, Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Zhong Fei, Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Zhongfei , Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Zhuihui Yuanshi, Shan Zhi Zi, Ningxia, China, 2011

Commended medal winners

Château Changyu, Baron Balboa, Xinjiang, China, 2011
Château Yuquan, Chardonnay, Ningxia, China, 2012
GreatWall, Desert Fox Chardonnay, Ningxia, China, 2013
Hansen, Merlot, Ningxia, China, 2009
Shangri-La, Altiwine A3, Yunnan, China, 2013
Xixia King, Italian Riesling, Ningxia, China, 2013
Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Company, Dionysus Drunken Italian Riesling Dry White Wine, Xinjiang, China, 2013
Yinchuan Treasure, Château Treasure Real , Ningxia, China, 2012

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