Tornado crashes into Chinese vineyards


A storm tornado has crashed through Chinese vineyards in the north-west of the country, destroying dozens of hectares of vines in the middle of harvest.

Image credit: Tiansai Winery
Image credit: Tiansai Winery

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A fierce storm hit vineyards in China's Xinjiang region over the weekend.

A tornado whirlwind then ripped through vines, said Tiansai winery, an award winning producer in the area.

It described the extreme weather as an 'unprecedented disaster', but said people were determined to pick themselves up and re-build.

Tiansai said around 13 hectares (200mu) of vines were either damaged or destroyed in the whirlwind, which uprooted thousands of posts in the vineyard and left them strewn across the land.

It said that it had lost 'six years work' on some plots.

The winery, which produces the Skyline of Gobi brand, said that it would be extra selective when choosing grapes for its 2016 wines. 'We will stick to the principle that 'good grapes make good wine'.

The storm came as growers were attempting to harvest the 2016 crop. There were no reports of injuries.

News of the Xinjiang tornado comes barely one month after severe flooding damaged vineyards in another prominent Chinese wine region, Ningxia.

Tiansai said that God had been particularly harsh on the world's vineyards in 2016.

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