Sustainable winemaking in the land of Horace


One of the most famous producers of Southern Italy, Cantina di Venosa has chosen a green approach.

Image: Cantina di Venosa
Image: Cantina di Venosa

'Environmental sustainability, producing high quality wines but at the same time guaranteeing the future for the younger generation'

Environmental sustainability is a very important issue worldwide, with particular implications for agriculture. In recent years, both winegrowers and consumers have become more and more aware of the impact of wine production on the land. For this reason, interest in sustainable production is on the increase.

Cantina di Venosa is a model in this field. Founded in Lucania in 1957, the winery has chosen to base its production on environmental sustainability, producing high quality wines but at the same time guaranteeing the future for the younger generation: ever fertile land, but protected from intensive agriculture and its negative consequences.

Image: Francesco Perillo (right) with Export Manager Antonio Teora
Image: Francesco Perillo (right) with Export Manager Antonio Teora

Sustainability is the brainchild of President Francesco Perillo, whose aim is to protect the land and its ancient winemaking traditions. Venosa is, in fact, the birthplace of the famous Ancient Roman poet Horace, who was an expert in winemaking and an enthusiastic connoisseur of wine.

The green project of Cantina di Venosa involves the complete production process, from the vineyards to the cellar. It includes integrated pest management in the vineyards, and a 200 Kw photovoltaic system in the winery plant to reduce CO₂ emissions. The winery uses 70% recycled glass and thanks to a modern bottling system, can reduce waste to a minimum. The use of vegetable glues in the final packaging is the last step of a virtuous chain that protects the environment and guarantees quality.

Carato Venusio, Terre di Orazio – Aglianico and Terre di Orazio – Dry Muscat are the most popular wines from Cantina di Venosa: the precious fruits of important investments made to protect the land of Venosa in a 2000-year-old story that Cantina di Venosa wants to preserve for the children of the 500 families involved in this great enterprise.

Verbo - Aglianico del Vulture

Bright ruby red colour with garnet reflexes. Bouquet of elegant spicy perfumes evolving into hints of berry fruits: blackcurrant, blackberry with a hint of sweetness on the finish. Well balanced, dry and persistent. Refreshing and full bodied. Sweet fruit and hints of aromatic herbs on the finish. Ideal with first courses in Mediterranean style cuisine, game and mature cheese.


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