Top Bordeaux 2017 wines in the bottle: Left Bank report


Jane Anson has found 'some great bottles' in a vintage that she revisited with caution, but the hits aren't evenly distributed. Read in-depth tasting notes and see ratings for 100 classified Left Bank Bordeaux 2017 wines.

Image: Chateau Latour, p268 © Lothar Baumgarten
Image: Chateau Latour, p268 © Lothar Baumgarten

This is an unusual vintage by many different measures.

First there was the frost, leading to a number of atypical blends and overall some of the lowest yields for Bordeaux on record; a full 40% down on 2016 for the reds, 50% for the whites, and 33% down on the 10-year average overall.

While the frost was undoubtedly devastating for many, several other difficulties followed and the Institute of Oenology said in its report that the ‘2017 vintage reminds us somewhat brutally of the risks associated with viticulture’.

In other words, frost was one part of the story, but this was no 1961, when freezing temperatures were followed by a perfect season that concentrated fully ripe flavours.

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